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David Hogg is a teenage know-it-all. Therefore, the fact he was rejected by some colleges was interesting. Laura Ingraham poked fun at him. Now she’s paying the price. Hogg, a Twitter Influencer…, had his rabble wage a war against Ingraham’s advertisers. Many caved. And her show is in trouble now.

She should have read SJWs Always Lie. You never apologize to these commie creeps, 17 or otherwise. But she did – and Hogg promptly rejected the apology. Ingraham is now going on a “planned” week’s vacation. I suspect her show will be canceled shortly. Upset Hogg’s tiny, fragile, pathetic wuttle feeweeings and he attacks. His wants to steal a woman’s livelihood (where’re the feminists and the #metoo’ers???). He’s a thief as well as a liar. He and his kind will also steal the Second Amendment and our guns ifwe cave like Ingraham did. I will not. Nor will Ted Nugent, who’s taking the whole “March for Marx” crowd to task for being what they are – more on that later.




Remind you of anyone? Picture by Fox/Google Images.

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