Nanny State to Control Your Coffee

Messing with our incomes, the economy, and our guns may be bad enough. Add to that a government mandate about our coffee and it becomes plain evil. Dear Gawd, California, leave well enough alone. A California Court has ordered Starbucks and other coffee companies to affix a cancer warning label to their steamy drinks. Geeze…

Some nonprofit band of busibodies brought suit for saaaaafety and now consumers will have to bear the increased cost – and look at the stupid labels too. And I call junk science on the warning. Remember the egg debates: eggs are good for you; eggs cause heart attacks; eggs are healthy; eggs bad; no, good. Maybe there are chemicals in the coffees. I don’t know. I do know coffee is a lifesaver at times. I know a thing or two about judicial overreach. The two don’t mix.




Picture by Time/Starbucks.

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