Immigration Control Not Gun Control

The criminal globalist trash of the world wants to flood America with foreigners while, at the same time, disarming real Americans. Friends, that dog won’t hunt. And the two subjects do not mix so well when they occasionally collide. It seems that some of the new arrivals cannot be trusted with guns. The problem is them and their ways. It’s not the guns. It’s not the NRA. Not me or you.

A Florida university “student” from China is about to be deported back to where he belongs. The visitor was here on a student visa. This “student” didn’t go to class. That can lead to revocation of immigrant status, as is happening. He also has “issues” and was labeled a “student of concern” by campus police. Exhibiting odd behaviors, he armed himself with two new rifles. We’ve had run-ins with unstable, armed Asian “students” before – with deadly consequences. Not this time. I’m sure some commie is already suing to protect Young Mao’s rights… PS: he did have good taste in guns.




Picture by Carl Shusterman.



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