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A double agent is dead in London, the victim of some nefarious (but “with the territory”) poison plot. The Uk, the May Cabinet, has unequivocally accused and convicted Russia and Putin for the crime. The US and Donald Trump and the rest of The West followed suit, denouncing, banning, and playing tough. Nikki Haley thought she saw a Rebel flag at the UN. The problem is: A TOTAL LACK OF EVIDENCE.

Putin and his government have totally denied involvement. They’ve requested an official investigation. So far, there is nothing. No link. This is not speculation. It’s the report from Britain’s main military testing lab. They have no Russia links at all. This hit was professional, likely intended to be untraceable. Russia may be suspected but can they safely, honestly be convicted in absentia? They have and that could be problematic for the whole world. Caution.




Picture by Sky News.

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