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The West – Europe, Canada, America, et al – is currently, and has been for decades, under a massive invasion by non-Western peoples. This has to be the largest mass migration of people in history. And it has consequences, for the newcomers and, especially, for their hosts. History paints not the rosiest picture of the outcomes from situations like this. The Romans let the barbarians into Imperial territory out of sheer kindness; 38 year later the same barbarians sacked Rome.

Perhaps no one understands this phenomenon better than the esteemed author and philosopher Vox Day. His off-the-cuff response to the “refugee” flood into Europe was to simply, “sink the ships,” to stop the hordes in transit and before they land on the Old Continent. Whether taken figuratively or literally, this approach may in fact end up being far more humanitarian – for all parties – in the long run than the alternatives and those consequences. History kind of bears this out.


Watch the Short Video on YouTube.


Voxiversity, Vox Day.

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