Desperate Sick Venezuelans Crossing Borders for Care

The effects of socialism are real. The Russians found out the hard way. The Germans found out the hard way. Americans seem destined to find out the hard way. And, right now, the people of Venezuela are finding out the hard way. Their nation, once perhaps the richest and most advanced in Latin America, is falling, has fallen, into utter chaos because of socialist government policies.

And the people suffer. Real men, women, and children. We’ve run stories about it before. Today, we feature the emergency medical angle. Sick, even dying people are forced to flee to neighboring Columbia for treatment. This is because the local hospitals and doctors are stressed past the breaking point. In many cases necessary health care simply is not available. There are stories emerging of sheer horror. These are stories Americans, especially preppers, should read or hear. It could happen here. If we let it.




Syrian Children in Similar Straights. Picture by Medical Relief International.



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