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Shocking revelations about us, our kids, and our culture, came to Congress on Wednesday from the Commandant of the US Marine Corps. General Robert Neller testified to the horrific “physical, mental or moral issues” our young people face. His emphasis was on the extremely difficult work of recruiting from such a population for military service.

But this issue isn’t limited to the armed forces. It affects us all and it is a sad reflection on our failing, or failed, popular culture. The military, with somewhat strict admissions requirements, is a barometer. The endless assault of fast foods, sugar, starch, drugs, alcohol, television, psych meds, and more has taken quite the toll on our national health. Preppers, please take note. 70% unfit are 70% potentially doomed in a SHTF scenario. There is much to overcome, much to be done, much to fix.




Picture by CNS News, Screen Capture.

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