Got a Newer Car? You Could be at Risk for a Hack Attack

Here’s something to think about, maybe something unpleasant. But, since prepper’s embrace the world of potentially dangerous occurrences, it’s something we, in the modern age, need to consider. If you have a newer car (maybe 2010+), there is a chance that you could be hacked.

Collective Evolution and Alanna Ketler have an article about the dangers of our big computers on wheels (formerly known as cars). This isn’t something exactly new. The danger has been publicized for a few years. But it is real. The most prevalent problem is that your phone has been synced and your information is vulnerable (like banking, passwords, etc.). Then, there’s the issue of someone hacking the car and using the controls to kill you. Car companies and our ever-so-benevolent government have known about this and done next to nothing. Maybe consider an older model – especial for a B.O.V.




Picture by The Hacker News.

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